Indiana Tri City Plaza Bowl Tri City leased a building
Indiana Tri City Plaza Bowl (Tri City) leased a building from Charles H. Glueck for use as a bowling alley. The lease provided that Glueck was to provide adequate paved parking for the building. The lease gave Tri City the right to approve the plans for the construction and paving of the parking lot. When Glueck submitted paving plans to Tri City, it rejected the plans and withheld its approval. Tri City argued that the plans were required to meet its personal satisfaction before it had to approve them. Evidence showed that the plans were commercially reasonable in the circumstances. A lawsuit was filed between Tri City and Glueck. Who wins? Was it ethical for Tri City to reject the plans? Indiana Tri City Plaza Bowl, Inc. v. Estate of Glueck, 422 N. E. 2d 670, 1981 Ind. App. Lexis 1506 (Court of Appeals of Indiana)
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