Indicate by letters the type of fraud committed Cheque tampering CT Cash
Indicate by letters the type of fraud committed:
Cheque tampering (CT)
Cash register scheme (CR)
Expense scheme (E)
Bribe (B)
Fraudulent financial reporting (F)
Here is an example:
CT Employee writes a fraudulent cheque making it payable to herself.
_______1. At the end of the year, the chief financial officer for Electra International recorded $100,000 in sales that had not been made.
_______2. Carrie is a cashier at a local restaurant. Once a day, she leaves the cash register open and does not record the sale in the cash register when she takes the customer’s cash.
_______3. Harry’s major customer in Iowa asked Harry to take 20% off of the sales price on the next shipment of jeans to his stores. In return, the customer will give him part of the money saved from the reduced sales price. Harry agrees to lower the price.
_______4. Frank Farmer, owner of Farmer Real Estate, asked the accountant to ignore any depreciation that should be recorded on assets owned.
_______5. Judson submits a cash reimbursement request form for a cab ride he never took.
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