Question: Indicate i how each of the following transactions impacts the

Indicate (i) how each of the following transactions impacts the fund balance of the General Fund, and its classifications, for fund-based financial statements and (ii) what the impact is on the net asset balance of the governmental funds for government-wide financial statements.
a. Issue a five-year bond for $6 million to finance general operations.
b. Pay cash of $149,000 for a truck to be used by the police department.
c. The fire department pays $17,000 to a government motor pool that services the vehicles of only the police and fire departments.
d. Levy property taxes of $75,000 for the current year that will not be collected until four months into the subsequent year.
e. Receive a grant for $7,000 that must be returned unless the money is spent according to the stipulations of the conveyance.
f. Make sales of $20 million during the current year. The government charges a 5 percent sales tax.
Half of this amount is to be collected 10 days after the end of the year with the remainder to be collected 10 weeks after the end of the year. "Available" has been defined by this government as 75 days.
g. Order a computer for the school system at an anticipated cost of $23,000.
h. A cash transfer of $18,000 is approved from the General Fund to a Capital Projects Fund.

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