Indicate the impact of the following corporate actions on cash, using the letter I for an increase, D for a decrease, or N when no change occurs.
a. A dividend is paid with funds received from a sale of debt.
b. Real estate is purchased and paid for with short-term debt.
c. Inventory is bought on credit.
d. A short-term bank loan is repaid.
e. Next year’s taxes are prepaid.
f. Preferred stock is redeemed.
g. Sales are made on credit.
h. Interest on long-term debt is paid.
i. Payments for previous sales are collected.
j. The accounts payable balance is reduced.
k. A dividend is paid.
l. Production supplies are purchased and paid for with a short-term note.
m. Utility bills are paid.
n. Cash is paid for raw materials purchased for inventory.
o. Marketable securities are sold.

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