Question: Indicate whether each of the following is characteristic of a

Indicate whether each of the following is characteristic of a lean production system or a traditional production system.
a. A workplace organization system called “5S” is frequently used to keep work spaces clean and organized.
b. Suppliers make frequent deliveries of small quantities of raw materials.
c. The manufacturing cycle times are longer.
d. The final operation in the production sequence “pulls” parts from the preceding operation.
e. Management works with suppliers to ensure defect- free raw materials.
f. The workflow is continuous to attempt to balance the rate of production with the rate of demand.
g. Products are produced in large batches.
h. There is an emphasis on building in quality.
i. Employees do a variety of jobs, including maintenance and setups as well as operation of machines.
j. Each employee is responsible for inspecting his or her own work.
k. Large stocks of finished goods protect against lost sales if customer demand is higher than expected.
l. Setup times are long.
m. Suppliers can access the company’s intranet.

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