Question: Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or

Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by writing T or F in the answer column.
1. Unethical behavior has not been a problem in society until recent times. 1. ___________
2. Generally, what is unethical is also illegal. 2. ___________
3. The term values relates to the price of merchandise on sale. 3. ___________
4. Although ethical principles have influenced many laws, the laws themselves are usually more precise. 4. ___________
5. People tend to behave in accordance with accepted principles of what is right and wrong that govern the conduct of their group and that reflect the values of the group.
5. ___________
6. Public disclosure of a firm’s unethical practices can affect other companies as well.
6. ___________
7. A whistleblower is a person who calls attention to illegal or unethical behavior.
7. ___________
8. A corporate code of ethics might be called a set of guidelines for the ethical behavior expected of employees. 8. ___________
9. “Corporate culture” is used to describe the values and standards of acceptable behavior in a corporation. 9. ___________
10. Professional and trade associations concern themselves and their members with guidelines for ethical business practices. 10. ___________
11. The federal government and many states have statutes that protect whistleblowers from retaliation. 11. ___________

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