Question: Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or

Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by writing T or F in the answer column.
1. The purpose of criminal law is to compensate injured parties for their losses.
1. _________
2. If a person’s reckless driving results in an automobile accident, he or she can be charged with both a tort and a crime. 2. _________
3. Treason is a major crime against the federal government consisting of levying war or giving aid and comfort to an enemy. 3. _________
4. White- collar crime, as distinguished from other types of crime, generally does not involve force or violence. 4. _________
5. Burning to defraud is a special category of crime committed by persons who burn their own property with the intention of collecting insurance money. 5. _________
6. Larceny is a broad term that includes most forms of theft. 6. _________
7. Shoplifting is the term that describes the theft of money by employees, such as accountants or cashiers, who steal money from retail stores. 7. _________
8. The theft of goods from a vehicle in transit is known as hijacking. 8. _________
9. In all states, the crime of bribery is limited to giving or taking money or property to influence a public official. 9. _________
10. The legal term that covers such activities as obtaining goods and other benefits by the use of misleading statements and deception is false pretenses. 10. _________
11. The crime of perjury is limited to the false swearing under oath before a judge in a federal court. 11. _________
12. When employees with access to a firm’s money, such as accountants, cashiers, and bank tellers, wrongfully divert funds to themselves or to others, they are usually charged with burglary. 12. _________
13. It is always illegal for an executive of a firm to buy or sell the stock of the firm.
13. _________
14. A person who profits from the sale of stock as a result of using nonpublic information can be charged with violations of federal law. 14. _________
15. The difference between extortion and bribery is that, in extortion, both parties are willing participants in the crime. 15. _________

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