Question: Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or

Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by writing T or F in the answer column.
1. Acts of an employee while performing duties of employment are considered the acts of the employer. 1. ____________
2. Workers’ compensation laws are designed to ensure that all employees are paid fairly. 2. ____________
3. Independent contractors are under the direct control of the person who engages them.
3. ___________
4. An independent contractor can sue the person with whom he or she made the contract.
4. ___________
5. The doctrine of employment at will has been eroded by federal, state, and local statutes; by court decisions; and by public policy. 5. ___________
6. Arbitration clauses in employment contracts are never enforceable. 6. ___________
7. In some states, the provisions contained in an employee handbook are considered a kind of contract between the employer and the employee. 7. ___________
8. In some states, legislatures and courts have made it clear that employee handbooks are not to be construed as contracts. 8. ___________
9. A current or former employee may sue his or her employer for defamation if the employer provides information to a third party that is untrue, irrespective of whether it relates to the employee’s job performance. 9. ___________

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