Indicate whether you consider each of the following actions ethical
Indicate whether you consider each of the following actions ethical, unethical, or a gray area. Which of the actions would you do? Which would you feels uncomfortable doing? Which would you refuse to do?
1. Using photos of Hawaiian beaches in advertising for Bermuda tourism, without indicating the location of the beaches.
2. Editing a photo by inserting an image of a young black person into a picture of an all-white group, and using that photo in a recruiting brochure designed to attract minority applicants to a university.
3. Altering people in your photographs so that they look skinnier and younger. (Watch the short video mentioned in the ethics discussion of this chapter.)
4. Modifying real estate photos by changing the physical appearance of houses or stores.
5. Including pictures in restaurant menus that are exaggerated in presentation quality, color appearance, and portion size.
6. Creating photos of Osama bin Laden’s dead body after the White House withheld releasing the real images.

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