Indicate which interpretation of the probability statement seems most appropriate.
a. A casino in New Jersey posts a probability of .02 that the Dallas Cowboys will win Super Bowl L.
b. A purchaser of a single ticket in the Texas Powerball has a probability of 1/175,223,510 of winning the big payout.
c. The quality control engineer of a large pharmaceutical firm conducts an intensive process reliability study. Based on the findings of the study, the engineer claims that the probability that a bottle of a newly produced drug will have a shelf life greater than 2 years is .952.
d. The probability that the control computer on a nuclear power plant and its backup will both fail is .00001.
e. The state meteorologist of Michigan reports that there is a 70/30 chance that the rainfall during the months of June through August in 2014 will be below normal; that is, there is a .70 probability of the rainfall being below normal and a .30 probability of the rainfall being above normal.
f. A miniature tablet that is small enough to be worn as a watch is in beta testing. In a preliminary report, the company states that more than 55% the 500 testers found the device to be easier to use than a full-sized tablet. The probability of this happening is .011 provided there is no difference in ease of use of the two devices.

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