Indicate which of the following management issues is related to each action below.
a. Managing cash needs
b. Setting credit policies
c. Financing receivables
d. Ethically reporting accounts receivable
––––– 1. Buying a U.S. Treasury bill with cash that is not needed for a few months
––––– 2. Comparing receivable turnover for two years
––––– 3. Setting a policy that allows customers to buy on credit
––––– 4. Selling notes receivable to a financing company
––––– 5. Making careful estimates of losses from uncollectible accounts
––––– 6. Borrowing funds for short-term needs in a period when sales are low
––––– 7. Changing the terms for credit sales in an effort to reduce the days’ sales uncollected
––––– 8. Revising estimated credit losses in a timely manner when economic conditions change
––––– 9. Establishing a department whose responsibility is to approve customers’ credit

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