Injuries are unfortunately part of every sport. High school basketball is no exception, as the following table shows.The percentages listed are the percent of reported injuries that occur to high school male and female basketball players and the location on their body that was injured.
If one player is selected at random from those included in the table:
a. Are the events the selected player was “male” and “female” mutually exclusive? Explain.
b. Are the events the selected player’s injury was “ankle/foot” and “knee” mutually exclusive? Explain.
c. Are the events “female” and “face/scalp” mutually exclusive? Explain.
d. Find P(ankle/foot male).
e. Find P(ankle/foot female).
f. Find P(not leg related male).
g. Find P(knee or face/scalp 0 male).
h. Find P(knee or face/scalp female).
i. Explain why P(knee) for all high school basketball players cannot be found using the information in the table. What additional information is needed?

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