Question: International Financial Reporting Standard No 16 provides companies the option

International Financial Reporting Standard No. 16 provides companies the option of valuing property, plant, and equipment at either historical cost or fair value. If fair value is selected, then the property, plant, and equipment must be revalued periodically to fair value. Under fair value, if there is an increase in the value of the property, plant, and equipment over the reporting period, then the increase is credited to stockholders’ equity. However, if there is a decrease in fair value, then the decrease is reported as an expense for the period.
1. Why do International Financial Reporting Standards influence U.S. GAAP?
2. What would be some of the disadvantages of using fair value accounting for property, plant, and equipment?
3. How is the international accounting treatment for changes in fair value for property, plant, and equipment similar to investments?

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