Question: Internet Solutions Corp ISC a Nevada corporation has its principal

Internet Solutions Corp. (ISC), a Nevada corporation, has its principal place of business in Orlando, Florida. ISC, which operates various employment recruiting and Internet advertising websites, sued Tabatha Marshall, a resident of the State of Washington, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. In its lawsuit, ISC alleged that on her website, Marshall made false and defamatory statements asserting that ISC engaged in ongoing criminal activity, scams, and phishing. According to ISC, these statements caused injury to ISC's business in Florida.
Marshall filed a motion to dismiss the case because, in her view, neither subject matter nor in personam jurisdiction existed. In order for the federal court to have subject matter jurisdiction in this case, what requirements would have to be satisfied? In order for the court to have in personam jurisdiction over Marshall, what requirements would have to be met and what sorts of issues would arise under those requirements?

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