Interns report that when deciding on where to work, career growth, salary and compensation, location and commute, and company culture and values are important factors to them. Ac-cording to the Glassdoor blog’s “25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns 2014,” bit. ly/ 1gx6vjx, the mean monthly pay of interns at Intel is $ 4,648. Suppose that the intern monthly pay is normally distributed, with a standard deviation of $ 400. What is the prob-ability that the monthly pay of an intern at Intel is
a. less than $ 4,500?
b. between $ 4,300 and $ 4,700?
c. above $ 5,200?
d. Ninety- nine percent of the intern monthly pays are higher than what value?
e. Ninety- five percent of the intern monthly pays are between what two values, symmetrically distributed around the mean?

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