Question: Interpersonal Communication Please respond to the following

"Interpersonal Communication" Please respond to the following:
•In Season 6 of the Amazing Race, contestants traveled to Dakar, Senegal. The stress of the competition combined with the difficulties of a new culture caused problems for some of the teams. Assess the benefits of being culturally aware and able to communicate globally in today’s business world. Determine whether this is a necessary attribute for all employees who work for domestic-based companies and multinational companies or just for top executives of these companies.
•Today, many companies are using the Internet to evaluate employees, both current and prospective. There are stories of employees who are fired or disciplined for things they say online about the company or for what they post to their Facebook pages. Assess how well you are able to divide your personal and professional life on social networks. Determine if you would be comfortable with a prospective employer viewing your photos. Speculate the message(s) that your current social networking page(s) communicate about you.

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