Ironwood Company manufactures a variety of sunglasses Production information for
Ironwood Company manufactures a variety of sunglasses. Production information for its most popular line, the Clear Vista (CV), follows:
Per Unit
Sales price ............. $37.50
Direct materials ........... 6.00
Direct labor ........... 3.00
Variable manufacturing overhead .... 2.00
Fixed manufacturing overhead ...... 5.00
Total manufacturing cost ........ $16.00

Suppose that Ironwood has been approached about producing a special order for 2,000 units of custom CV sunglasses for a new semiprofessional volleyball league. All units in the special order would be produced in the league’s signature colors with a specially designed logo emblem attached to the side of the glasses. The league has offered to pay $32.00 per unit in the special order. Additional costs for the special order total $2.00 per unit for mixing the special frame color and purchasing the emblem with the league’s logo that will be attached to the glasses.

1. Assume Ironwood has the idle capacity necessary to accommodate the special order. Calculate the additional contribution margin Ironwood would make by accepting the special order.
2. Suppose Ironwood is currently operating its production facility at full capacity and accepting the special order would mean reducing production of its regular CV model. Should Ironwood accept the special order in this case? Why or why not?
3. Calculate the special order price per unit at which Ironwood is indifferent between accepting or rejecting the special order.

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