Question: Is there a relationship between how many sit ups you can

Is there a relationship between how many sit-ups you can do and how fast you can run 40 yards? The EXCEL output shows the relationship between these variables for a study of female athletes to be discussed in Chapter 12.
a. The regression equation is 6.71ลท - 0.024x. Find the predicted time in the 40-yard dash for a subject who can do (i) 10 sit-ups, (ii) 40 sit-ups. Based on these times, explain how to sketch the regression line over this scatterplot.
b. Interpret the y -intercept and slope of the equation in part a, in the context of the number of sit-ups and time for the 40-yard dash.
c. Based on the slope in part a, is the correlation positive, or negative? Explain.

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