It has been almost 15 years since Julia graduated with
It has been almost 15 years since Julia graduated with a major in aeronautical engineering, and now she makes “buckets of money” working as a project manager for a large defense contracting company. While she is not very thrifty, she does like a good deal, especially on expensive purchases. Julia recently compared new models of the BMW 4-Series, Jaguar F-type, Audi A7, and Infiniti Q50. She checked out reviews in Consumer Reports and other magazines and test drove each vehicle. After deciding on the BMW, Julia shopped online for dealers beyond her community. Julia thinks that she will save about $3800 if she buys her car and an extended warranty on it from a dealer located 40 miles from her home instead of her hometown seller. She is not sure whether she should take advantage of the dealer’s 3 percent financing versus a $4000 rebate, take the rebate and get a 6 percent loan from a nearby credit union, or lease the vehicle. Offer your opinions about her thinking.

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