It is important for salespeople to be knowledgeable about how people shop for certain products. Suppose that a new car salesman believes that the age and gender of a car shopper affect the way he or she makes an offer on a car. He records the initial offers made by a group of men and women shoppers on a $25,000 Ford Taurus. In addition to the gender of the shopper, the salesman also notes the age category. The amount of money below the asking price that each person offered initially for the car was recorded using the following format:
Column 1 contains the data for the under 30 group; the first 25 rows store the results for female shoppers and the last 25 rows are the male shoppers.
Columns 2 and 3 store the data for the 30–45 age category and over 45 category, respectively. What can we conclude from these data?

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