Question: It is the first day of your new job as

It is the first day of your new job as an accounting intern. In the elevator on the way to your cubicle, a gentleman in the elevator (that you later learn is the controller of the company) says to you, “I just don’t get it.” Shaking his head, he repeats, “I just don’t get it.” Then he adds, “Just how is sustainability relevant to accounting? Don’t we have enough problems to keep track of instead of creating more problems to account for?”
Unsure how to answer, you remain silent. So he continues, “You are our new intern, aren’t you? Well, why don’t you send me an email by this afternoon explaining how sustainability is relevant to accounting. Tell me why I should care about this latest trend, sustainability, and how it could affect our accounting system.”
Prepare an email to the controller of the company to respond to his request.

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