Question: Item C of the Springdale Shopping Survey introduced at the

Item C of the Springdale Shopping Survey, introduced at the end of Chapter 2, describes variables 7–9 of the survey. These variables represent the general attitude respondents have toward each of the three shopping areas, and range from 5 (like very much) to 1 (dislike very much). Samples involving consumer groups often differ in their results, and managers find it useful to determine whether the differences could be due to sampling variation or whether there is “something going on” regarding the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of one consumer group versus another.
1. For variable 7 (attitude toward Springdale Mall), carry out an appropriate hypothesis test to determine whether married persons (code = 1 on variable 28, marital status) have a different mean attitude than unmarried persons (code = 2 on variable 28). Interpret the resulting computer printout, including the p-value for the test.
2. Repeat step 1 for variable 8 (attitude toward Downtown).
3. Repeat step 1 for variable 9 (attitude toward West Mall).
4. Comment on the extent to which attitudes toward each of the shopping areas differ between married and unmarried respondents.

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