Question: Items 1 through 6 represent the items that an auditor

Items 1 through 6 represent the items that an auditor ordinarily would find on a client-prepared bank reconciliation. The accompanying List of Auditing Procedures represents substantive auditing procedures. For each item, select one or more procedures, as indicated, that the auditor most likely would perform to gather evidence in support of that item. The procedures on the list may be selected once, more than once, or not at all.
• The client prepared the bank reconciliation on 10/2/X5.
• The bank reconciliation is mathematically accurate.
• The auditor received a cutoff bank statement dated 10/7/X5 directly from the bank on 10/11/X5.
• The 9/30/X5 deposit in transit—outstanding checks #1281, #1285, #1289, and #1292—and the correction of the error regarding check #1282 appeared on the cutoff bank statement.
• The auditor assessed control risk concerning the financial statement assertions related to cash at themaximum.

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