It s Just Lunch is a nationwide service company that arranges
It’s Just Lunch is a nationwide service company that arranges lunch dates for clients. It’s Just Lunch collects cash up front for a package of dates. Suppose your group is opening an It’s Just Lunch office in your area. You must make some important decisions—where to locate, how to advertise, and so on—and you must also make some accounting decisions. For example, what will be the end of your business’s ­accounting year? How often will you need financial statements to evaluate ­operating performance and financial position? Will you use the cash basis or the accrual ­basis? When will you account for the revenue that the business earns? How will you ­account for the expenses?

Write a report (or prepare an oral presentation, as directed by your professor) to ­address the following considerations:
1. Will the business use the cash basis or the accrual basis of accounting? Give a complete explanation of your reasoning.
2. How often will financial statements be prepared? Why? Discuss how the ­business will use each financial statement.
3. What kind of revenue will the business earn? When will the business record it as revenue?
4. What kind of expenses will the business incur? When will expenses be recorded?

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