Question: J B Speck owner of Speck s Galleria made the following

J. B. Speck, owner of Speck's Galleria, made the following purchases of merchandise on account during the month of September:
Sept. 3 Purchase Invoice No. 415, $2,650, from Smith Distributors
8 Purchase Invoice No. 132, $3,830, from Michaels Wholesaler.
11 Purchase Invoice No. 614, $3,140, from J. B. Sanders & Co.
18 Purchase Invoice No. 329, $2,250, from Bateman & Jones, Inc.
23 Purchase Invoice No. 867, $4,160, from Smith Distributors.
27 Purchase Invoice No. 744, $1,980, from Anderson Company.
30 Purchase Invoice No. 652, $2,780, from Michaels Wholesaler.
1. Record the transactions in the purchases journal. Total and rule the journal.
2. Post from the purchases journal to the general ledger and accounts payable ledger accounts. Use account numbers as shown in the chapter.

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