Jaclyn Biggs, who files as a head of household, never paid AMT before 2015. In 2015, her $197,900 taxable income included $178,000 ordinary income and a $19,900 capital gain taxed at 15 percent. Her 2015 AMTI in excess of her exemption amount was $218,175.
a. Compute Jaclyn’s total income tax for 2015.
b. Assume that Jaclyn has a $5,200 minimum tax credit carry forward from 2015. Her 2016 taxable income is $179,100, all of which is ordinary income. Her 2016 AMTI in excess of her exemption amount is $146,900. Compute Jaclyn’s total tax for 2016 (use the 2015 tax rates) and her minimum tax carry forward into 2017.

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