Question: James D Merritt leased a storage locker from Nationwide Warehouse

James D. Merritt leased a storage locker from Nationwide Warehouse Co., Ltd. (Nationwide), and agreed to pay a monthly fee to lease the locker. Merritt placed various items in the leased premises but never informed Nationwide as to the nature or quantity of articles stored therein. Merritt was free to store or remove whatever he wished without consultation with, permission from, or notice to Nationwide. Merritt locked the leased premises with his own lock and key. Nationwide was not furnished with a key. Subsequently, certain personal property belonging to Merritt disappeared from the storage space. Merritt sued Nationwide to recover damages of $ 5,275. Was a bailment created between Merritt and Nationwide? ­Merritt v. Nationwide Warehouse Co., Ltd., 605 S. W. 2d 250, 1980 Tenn. App. Lexis 338 (Court of Appeals of Tennessee)

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