James Maciel leased an apartment in Regent Village a university
James Maciel leased an apartment in Regent Village, a university- owned housing facility for Regent University (RU) students in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The lease ran until the end of the fall semester. Maciel had an option to renew the lease semester by semester as long as he maintained his status as an RU student. When Maciel completed his coursework for the spring semester, he told RU that he intended to withdraw. The university told him that he could stay in the apartment until May 31, the final day of the spring semester. Maciel asked for two additional weeks, but the university denied the request. On June 1, RU changed the locks on the apartment. Maciel entered through a window and e- mailed the university that he planned to stay “for another one or two weeks.” When he was charged with trespassing, Maciel argued that he had “legal authority” to occupy the apartment. Was Maciel correct? Explain.

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