Jane, Jon, and Clyde incorporate their respective businesses and form Starling Corporation. On March 1 of the current year, Jane exchanges her property (basis of $50,000 and value of $150,000) for 150 shares in Starling Corporation. On April 15, Jon exchanges his properly (basis of $70,000 and value of $500,000) for 500 shares in Starling. On May 10, Clyde transfers his property (basis of $90,000 and value of $350,000) for 350 shares in Starling.
a. If the three exchanges are part of a prearranged plan, what gain will each of the parties recognize on the exchanges?
b. Assume that Jane and Jon exchanged their property for stock four years ago, while Clyde transfers his properly for 350 shares in the current year. Clyde’s transfer is not part of a prearranged plan with Jane and Jon to incorporate their businesses. What gain will Clyde recognize on the transfer?
c. Returning to the original facts, if the properly that Clyde contributes has a basis of $490,000 (instead of $90,000), how might the parties otherwise structure the transaction?

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