Question: Jarome Tacks operates Jarome s Cleaning Service As the bookkeeper you

Jarome Tacks operates Jarome’s Cleaning Service. As the bookkeeper, you have been requested to journalize the following transactions:
Aug. 1 Paid rent for two months in advance, $10,000.
6 Purchased cleaning equipment on account from Aiden’s Supply House, $5,000.
12 Purchased cleaning supplies from Lowell’s Wholesale for $200 cash.
14 Received $1,400 cash from cleaning fees earned.
20 Jarome withdrew $900 for his personal use.
21 Advertising bill received from Sary News but unpaid, $500.
25 Paid electrical expense, $50.
28 Paid salaries expense, $1,100.
29 Performed cleaning work for $2,500, but payment will not be received until April.
30 Paid Aiden’s Supply House half the amount owed from Aug. 6 transaction.
Your task is to journalize the preceding transactions. The chart of accounts for Jarome’s Cleaning Service is asfollows:

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