Question: Javier Meza and Sue Quan are both cash register clerks

Javier Meza and Sue Quan are both cash register clerks for Healthy Markets. Ingrid Perez is the store manager for Healthy Markets. The following is an excerpt of a conversation between Javier and Sue:
Javier: Sue, how long have you been working for Healthy Markets?
Sue: Almost five years this June. You just started two weeks ago, right?
Javier: Yes. Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Sue: No, go ahead.
Javier: What I want to know is, have they always had this rule that if your cash register is short at the end of the day, you have to make up the shortage out of your own pocket?
Sue: Yes, as long as I’ve been working here.
Javier: Well, it’s the pits. Last week I had to pay in almost $30.
Sue: It’s not that big a deal. I just make sure that I’m not short at the end of the day.
Javier: How do you do that?
Sue: I just shortchange a few customers early in the day. There are a few jerks that deserve it anyway. Most of the time, their attention is elsewhere and they don’t think to check their change.
Javier: What happens if you’re over at the end of the day?
Sue: Ingrid lets me keep it as long as it doesn’t get to be too large. I’ve not been short in over a year. I usually clear about $10 to $40 extra per day.

Discuss this case from the viewpoint of proper controls and professional behavior.

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