Question: Jayde Inc is a private medium sized manufacturing company with

Jayde, Inc., is a private, medium- sized manufacturing company with an office, a warehouse, and a distribution center in metropolitan Chicago. Jayde’s accounting system currently comprises a hodgepodge of various software packages: a general ledger system (custom developed by a local software company), a Web- based inventory system, an off- the- shelf company), a Web-based inventory system, an off the shelf payroll company), a Web based inventory system, an off-the-shelf payroll system, and a different off- the- shelf accounts receivable/ payable system. Jane Spinner, Jayde’s controller, is a minority share-holder who has been overseeing all accounting operations for the past 20 years. She pretty much has a complete picture of the accounting system in her head, but little system documentation exists except for the vendor- supplied user manuals relating to the various accounting software packages. Required Betty Brins, Jayde’s CEO and primary shareholder, has decided that Jayde will go public. Your assignment is to write a memo relating to the issue of what Jayde needs to do in order to prepare

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