Question: Jazon Manufacturing produces two different models of cameras One model

Jazon Manufacturing produces two different models of cameras. One model has an automatic focus, whereas the other requires the user to determine the focus. The two products are produced in batches. Each time a batch is produced, the equipment must be configured (set up) for the specifications of the camera model being produced. The manual-focus camera requires more parts than the automatic-focus model. The manual-focus model is also more labor intensive, requiring much more assembly time but less machine time. Although the manual model is more labor intensive, the machine configuration required for this product is more complex, causing the manual model to consume more of the setup activity resources than the automatic camera. Many, but not all, of the parts for the two cameras are purchased from external suppliers. Because it has more parts, the manual model makes more demands on the purchasing and receiving activities than does the automatic camera. Jazon currently assigns only manufacturing costs to the two products.
Overhead costs are collected in one plantwide pool and are assigned to the two products in proportion to the direct labor hours used by each product. All other costs are viewed as period costs. Jazon budgets costs for all departments within the plant—both support departments like maintenance and purchasing and production departments like machining and assembly. Depart- mental managers are evaluated and rewarded on their ability to control costs. Individual managerial performance is assessed by comparing actual costs with budgeted costs.
1. Is Jazon using a traditional or an activity-based cost management system? Explain.
2. Assume that you want to design a more accurate cost accounting system. What changes would you need to make? Be specific. Explain why the changes you make will improve the accuracy of cost assignments.
3. What changes would need to be made to implement an activity-based operational control system? Explain why you believe the changes will offer improved control.

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