JC Penney Company founded in the early 1900s has made
JC Penney Company, founded in the early 1900s, has made many significant capital investment decisions throughout its history. Access the JC Penney Web site at the following address:
Locate the JC Penney Milestones.

a. Identify what you would consider to be a major strategic capital investment decision under taken by JC Penney since 1902.
b. For one such decision, discuss the nonfinancial issues that likely would have been considered.
c. A common capital investment decision undertaken by retailers is whether to invest funds in a store that is earning less than the desired level of profit (in the hopes that the investment will generate higher profits) or close the location altogether. In evaluating both options, which employee groups would you expect to overstate the benefits of additional investment? Which groups would understate the benefits of additional investment?

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