Question: Jeff visited a car dealership and test drove a used car

Jeff visited a car dealership and test-drove a used car. After discussing the price with the salesman, Jake, and learning that he could purchase the car for $500 less than the sticker price, Jeff asked Jake to hold the car for him until 8:00 that evening so that he could bring his wife back to see the car. Jake agreed, writing out a note promising not to sell the car before 8:00 PM. The note was written on dealership stationery, but Jake did not sign his name. The dealership broke its promise and sold the car to Jones before 8:00 PM. Was it free to revoke its offer to Jeff? Jones, the new purchaser of the car (and a nonmerchant) later offered in a signed writing to sell the car to Jill and to hold the car for her until she returned with her husband. Could Jones revoke this offer?

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