Question: Jim Heston has been working on Austin Paints cash budget

Jim Heston has been working on Austin Paints' cash budget for the coming year. Based on his projections for March, the beginning cash balance will be $50,200; cash collections will be $700,000; and cash disbursements will be $710,300. Austin Paints desires to maintain a $50,000 minimum cash balance. The company has a 10 percent open line of credit with its bank, which provides short-term borrowings in $500 increments. All borrowings are made at the beginning of the month, and all repayments are made at the end of the month (in $500 increments). Accrued interest is paid at the time of repayment.

a. How much will Austin Paints need to borrow from the bank at the beginning of March?
b. Assuming that Austin Paints has $7,000 in excess cash budgeted for April, how much principal will the company plan to repay? How much interest will be repaid in April?

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