Question: Jim Smith s dealership sells Fords Hondas and Toyotas The dea

Jim Smith's dealership sells Fords, Hondas, and Toyotas. The dealership keeps information about each car manufacturer with whom it deals so that employees can get in touch with manufacturers easily. The dealership staff also keeps information about the models of cars that the dealership carries from each manufacturer. They keep such information as list price, the price the dealership paid to obtain the model, and the model name and series (e.g., Honda Civic LX). They also keep information about all sales that they have made. (For instance, they will record the buyer's name, the car he or she bought, and the amount he or she paid for the car.) So that staff can contact the buyers in the future, contact information is also kept (e.g., address, phone number).
Create a logical data model. Apply the rules of normalization to the model to check the model for processing efficiency.

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