Question: Jitter in a water power system Jitter is a term

Jitter in a water power system. Jitter is a term used to describe the variation in conduction time of a water power system. Low throughput jitter is critical to successful waterline technology. An investigation of throughput jitter in the opening switch of a prototype system (Journal of Applied Physics) yielded the following descriptive statistics on conduction time for n = 18 trials: = 334.8 nanoseconds, s = 6.3 nanoseconds.
a. Construct a 95 % confidence interval for the true standard deviation of conduction times of the prototype system.
b. Practically interpret the confidence interval, part a.
c. A system is considered to have low throughput jitter if the true conduction time standard deviation is less than 7 nanoseconds. Does the prototype system satisfy this requirement? Explain.

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