Question: JLE Electronics is an independent contract manufacturer of complex printed

JLE Electronics is an independent contract manufacturer of complex printed circuit board assemblies. Computer companies and other electronics firms engage JLE to assemble their boards. Utilizing computer- controlled manufacturing and test machinery and equipment, JLE provides manufacturing services employing surface mount technology (SMT) and pin- through-hole (PTH) interconnection technologies. The customer purchases the subcomponents and pays JLE a per- board fee to assemble the components.
JLE has a new one- of- a- kind, state- of- the- art board assembly line. The line can be operated 20 hours per day, seven days a week, in each three- week (21- day) period. Four customers have asked that their boards be manufactured on this line over the next three- week period. The following table summarizes the number of units of each board requested, the price JLE will charge for each board, JLE’s variable and fixed cost per board, and the number of assembly line minutes each board requires. Fixed cost per board is the allocated cost of property taxes, fire insurance, accounting, depreciation, and so forth.

* Allocated based on both machine minutes and direct labor cost. Make the following assumptions:
• The four customer orders can be produced only on the new JLE line.
• If JLE rejects an order, future orders from that customer are not affected.
• There is no setup or downtime between orders.
• Customers are willing to have any number of boards produced by JLE up to the number of units specified above. For example, customer A has requested 2,500 boards in the 21- day period, but would accept a smaller number.
• The four customers comprise the entire set of potential customers who would want to use the new JLE line in the next 21- day period.

Which customer orders should be accepted? In other words, complete the followingtable:
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