Joe Albright owns and operates a small chain of convenience
Joe Albright owns and operates a small chain of convenience stores in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. The company has five stores including a downtown store and a Sumner store in the Waterloo division, and a downtown store, a Solon store, and an airport store in the Cedar Rapids division. There is also a separate administrative staff that provides market research, personnel, and accounting and finance services.
The company had the following financial results for 20X1 (in thousands):
Sales revenue ........ $8,000
Cost of merchandise sold ... 3,500
Gross margin ....... 4,500
Operating expenses ...... 2,200
Income before income taxes . $2,300

The following data about 20X1 operations were also available:
1. All five stores used the same pricing formula; therefore, all had the same gross margin percentage.
2. Sales were largest in the two downtown stores, with 30% of the total sales volume in each.
The Solon and airport stores each provided 15% of total sales volume, and the Sumner store provided 10%.
3. Variable operating costs at the stores were 10% of revenue for the downtown stores. The other stores had lower variable and higher fixed costs. Their variable operating costs were only 5% of sales revenue.
4. The fixed costs over which the store managers had control were $125,000 in each of the down-town stores, $180,000 at Solon and airport, and $40,000 at Sumner.
5. The remaining $910,000 of operating costs consisted of
a. $210,000 controllable by the Cedar Rapids division manager but not by individual stores,
b. $100,000 controllable by the Waterloo division manager but not by individual stores, and
c. $600,000 controllable by the administrative staff.
6. Of the $600,000 spent by the administrative staff, $350,000 directly supported the Cedar Rapids division, with 20% for the downtown store, 30% for each of the Solon and airport stores, and 20% for Cedar Rapids operations in general. Another $140,000 supported the Waterloo division, 50% for the downtown store, 25% for the Sumner store, and 25% supporting Waterloo operations in general. The other $110,000 was for general corporate expenses.
Prepare an income statement by segments using the contribution approach to responsibility accounting. Use the format of Exhibit 9-4, page 361w. Column headings should be asfollows:
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