Joe Ortega is the product manager for Ole ice cream. You have been asked to determine if Ole ice cream has greater sales than Carl's ice cream, which is a strong competitor. The data file Ole contains weekly sales and price data for the competing brands over the year in three different supermarket chains. These sample data represent a random sample of all ice cream sales for the two brands. The variable names clearly identify the variables.
a. Design and implement an analysis to determine if there is strong evidence to conclude that Ole ice cream has higher mean sales than Carl's ice cream (α = 0.05). Explain your procedure and show all computations. You may include Minitab output if appropriate to support your analysis. Explain your conclusions.
b. Design and implement an analysis to determine if the prices charged for the two brands are different (α = 0.05). Carefully explain your analysis, show all computations, and interpret your results.

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