John, Jeff, and Jane decided to engage in a real estate venture as a partnership. John invested $100,000 cash and Jeff provided office equipment that is carried on his books at $82,000. The partners agree that the equipment has a fair value of $110,000. There is a $30,000 note payable remaining on the equipment to be assumed by the partnership. Although Jane has no physical assets to invest in the partnership, both John and Jeff believe that her experience as a real estate appraiser is a valuable skill needed by the partnership and is a basis for granting her a capital interest in the partnership.

Assuming that each partner is to receive an equal capital interest in the partnership,
A. Record the partnership formation under the bonus method.
B. Record the partnership formation under the goodwill method, and assume a total good will of $90,000.
C. Discuss the appropriateness of using either the bonus or goodwill methods to record the formation of the partnership.

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