Question: John Ramapujan is the plant manager for Kitchen Products Inc

John Ramapujan is the plant manager for Kitchen Products, Inc. He has asked you to help identify worker factors that influence productivity. In particular, he is interested in gender differences, the effect of working on different shifts, and employee attitudes toward the present benefits plan provided by the company. As a first step in your project you have collected the time required to complete the assembly of a new coffee grinder for a number of workers in the plant. In addition you have identified the workers, by gender 11@male, 2@female2, shift 11@day, 2@afternoon, 3@night2, and How satisfied are you with employee benefits?
1 - Very dissatisfied
2 - Somewhat dissatisfied
3 - No opinion
4 - Somewhat satisfied
5 - Very satisfied The data collected are a file named Completion Times.
Prepare an appropriate analysis and write a short report on the conclusions from your analysis.

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