John Torniero was employed by Micheals Jewelers, Inc. (Micheals). During the course of his employment, Torniero stole pieces of jewelry, including several diamond rings, a sapphire ring, a gold pendant, and several loose diamonds. Over a ­period of several months, Torniero sold individual pieces of the stolen jewelry to G& W Watch and Jewelry Corporation (G& W). G& W had no knowledge of how Torniero obtained the jewels. Torniero was arrested when Micheals discovered the thefts. After Torniero admitted that he had sold the stolen jewelry to G& W, Micheals attempted to recover it from G& W. G& W claimed title to the jewelry as a good faith purchaser for value. Micheals challenged G& W’s claim to title in court. Who wins? United States v. Micheals Jewelers, Inc., 42 UCC Rep. Serv. 141, 1985 U. S. Dist. Lexis 15142 (United States District Court for the ­District of Connecticut)

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