Question: Juarez Inc uses a job order costing system for its products

Juarez, Inc. uses a job-order costing system for its products, which pass from the Machining Department, to the Assembly Department, to finished-goods inventory. The Machining Department is heavily automated; in contrast, the Assembly Department performs a number of manual-assembly activities. The company applies manufacturing overhead using machine hours in the Machining Department and direct-labor cost in the Assembly Department. The following information relates to the year just ended:

The data that follow pertain to job no. DC66, the only job in production at year-end.

Selling and administrative expense amounted to $2,325,000.

1. Assuming the use of normal costing, determine the predetermined overhead rates used in the Machining Department and the Assembly Department.
2. Compute the cost of the company’s year-end work-in-process inventory.
3. Determine whether overhead was under- or overapplied during the year in the Machining Department.
4. Repeat requirement (3) for the Assembly Department.
5. If Juarez disposes of under- or overapplied overhead as an adjustment to Cost of Goods Sold, would the company’s Cost of Goods Sold account increase or decrease? Explain.
6. How much overhead would have been charged to the company’s Work-in-Process account during the year?
7. Comment on the appropriateness of the company’s cost drivers (i.e., the use of machine hours in Machining and direct-labor cost inAssembly).

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