Jubilee Frozen Foods purchased new computer controlled production machinery last
Jubilee Frozen Foods purchased new computer- controlled production machinery last year from Advanced Design. The equipment was purchased for $ 4.1 million and was paid for with cash. A representative from Advanced Design recently contacted Jubilee management because Advanced Design has an even more efficient piece of machinery available. The new design would double the production output of the equipment purchased last year but would cost Jubilee another $ 5.0 million. The old machinery was installed by an engineering firm; the same firm would be required to install the new machinery. Fixed selling costs would not change if the new machinery were to be purchased, but the variable selling cost per unit would decrease. Raw material costs (i. e., food ingredients) would remain the same with either machine. The new machinery would be purchased by signing a note payable at the bank and interest would be paid monthly on the note payable. Maintenance costs on the new machine would be the same as the maintenance costs on the machinery purchased last year. Advanced Design is offering a trade- in on the machinery purchased last year against the purchase price of the new machinery. For each of the following costs, indicate whether each of the costs described would be relevant or not to Jubilee Frozen Foods’ decision about whether to purchase the new machinery ornot.
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