Question: Judith Lewis is a doctoral student at State University and

Judith Lewis is a doctoral student at State University, and she also works full-time as an academic tutor for 10 scholarshiped student athletes. She took the job, hoping it would leave her free time between tutoring to devote to her own studies. An athlete visits her for tutoring an average of every 16 hours, and she spends an average of 1.5 hours (exponentially distributed) with him or her. She is able to tutor only one athlete at a time, and athletes study while they are waiting.
a. Determine how long a player must wait to see her and the percentage of time Judith is busy. Does the job seem to meet Judith’s expectations, and does the system seem adequate to meet the athletes’ needs?
b. If the results in (a) indicate that the tutoring arrangement is ineffective, suggest an adjustment that could improve it for both the athletes and Judith.

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