Question: Kapp Frysinger Gallagher and Hazelton 1979 have demonstrated that lesions

Kapp, Frysinger, Gallagher, and Hazelton (1979) have demonstrated that lesions in the amygdale can reduce certain responses commonly associated with fear (e.g., decreases in heart rate).
If fear is really reduced by the lesion, it should be more difficult to train an avoidance response in those animals because the aversiveness of the stimulus will consequently be reduced. Assume two groups of rabbits: One group has lesions in the amygdala, and the other is an untreated control group. The following data represent the number of trials to learn an avoidance response for each animal.
(a) Analyze the data using the Mann–Whitney test (two-tailed).
(b) What would you conclude?

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