Question: Karl Pearson once tossed a coin 24 000 times and recorded

Karl Pearson once tossed a coin 24,000 times and recorded 12,012 heads.
a. Calculate the point estimate for p = P(head) based on Pearson’s results.
b. Determine the standard error of proportion.
c. Determine the 95% confidence interval estimate for p = P(head)
d. It must have taken Mr. Pearson many hours to toss a coin 24,000 times. You can simulate 24,000 coin tosses using the computer and calculator commands that follow.
e. How do your simulated results compare with Pearson’s?
f. Use the commands (part d) and generate another set of 24,000 coin tosses. Compare these results to those obtained by Pearson. Also, compare the two simulated samples to each other. Explain what you can conclude from these results.

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