Question: Kate and Sawyer CPAs have been hired by Kate s mother

Kate and Sawyer, CPAs, have been hired by Kate’s mother in relation to the financial statements of her company, a local diner that she owns 100%. Although she is 35 and can support herself, Kate still lives in her mother’s home.
(a) Fill out the chart below. List the engagements Kate and Sawyer, CPAs, can provide to nonpublic companies. Identify those they can provide to Kate’s mother on the financial statements of her diner. For the services they cannot provide, state why.
(b) Jack, a friend of Kate and Sawyer (of Kate and Sawyer, CPAs), is a spinal surgeon who provides medical services to people in remote locations of the world. His company is so successful that he plans to have a public offering. What services can Kate and Sawyer, CPAs, provide to Jack’s company while it is going public and after? Briefly summarize what is involved in the services.

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